Rezultati proslave Globalnega dneva internetne enkripcije, ki jo je organiziral ISOC.ORG v sodelovanju z nacionalnimi združenji: 21. Oktober 2021

  • @Dr. Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Senior Vice President for Strong Internet, moderated an amazing virtual press conference featuring Edward Snowden and voices from Article 19, CryptoHarlem, IRIS, Mozilla, Reporters Without Borders and Tresorit. It was livestreamed on YouTube (and TechCrunch), attended live by 30 global journalists (with many others watching the recording), and has secured more than 70 pieces of media coverage already (with more to come).
  • More than 70 events were held worldwide, more than half hosted by Internet Society chapters. 
  • More than 150 organizations signed the Global Encryption Day Statement, and 9 companies provided testimonialson why they’re proud to offer end-to-end encrypted services to their customers 
  • By the end of Global Encryption Day, 781,480 unique visitors from 129 countries had visited the Make the Switch/Global Encryption Day website. Over 320,000 unique visitors from 85 countries visited the Who’s Listening game.

None of this would be possible without YOU and your conviction that strong encryption protects you and everyone you care about.  

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