Pompeo announces the Internet blockade by Washington + 30 other countries

Mike Pompeo and Xi Jinping US State Dept photo 230 The clear reading of the
announcement below implies the US wants to create the biggest split in
Internet history. It goes far beyond the attacks on Huawei & TikTok. The
U.S. Secretary of State just called for the US and 30 other countries to:

  • Remove Chinese and other “untrusted apps” from the Android and iPhone
  • Not to allow China Mobile and China Telecom to connect with domestic
    telecommunications services
  • Block Alibaba and other Chinese clouds, even if they agree to store
    information domestically. (Alibaba is growing fast and a threat to the
    leaders, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.)
  • Prevent apps from around the world – not just the US – from being
    installed on Huawei phones, currently the bestselling in the world.
    Huawei has close to half of the Chinese phone market, meaning that even
    those apps not blocked by China will be blocked in China by US fiat.

Pompeo made clear he wants much of the world to go along. “”Momentum for the Clean Network program is growing. More than thirty countries and territories are now Clean Countries”

Everyone reading this has her own opinion on the security and economic
battle between the US and China. You don’t need to hear mine.

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