Message from the CEO and president of ISOC, Lynn ST.Amour, 6.11.2013

With respect to the Montevideo meeting this year and the press release that was issued afterwards — these meetings have taken place regularly for the past three years (usually twice a year, several days). They were mainly to build relations/common cause across the I* organizations on key issues. We work to understand our respective positions on these key issues with a goal of reaching alignment or at least ensuring no surprises. They were not meant to be a “standing venue”, but rather to build stronger relations between all organizations. (The I* organizations are: ISOC, IETF, IAB, ICANN, the 5 RIR’s, IANA functions operator and W3C). The meeting is chaired by me, as ISOC President & CEO, as requested by the other organizations. Unlike past meetings, the I* community felt that the surveillance issues (and the reactions we were seeing that were affecting the Internet and users) were so serious that we needed to go on record, and hence the idea of a press release was born during the meeting. As virtually all (maybe all) of the organizations had previously been on record for many of these points, we felt that it was appropriate to go forward.

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Message from the CEO and president of ISOC-November-2013.

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