Razglasitev zmagovlacev nagrad WSA – World Summit Awards: e-content and creativity

Prispela je razglasitev zmagovalcev nagrade svetovnega vrha za e-vsebino in kretivnost ali drugače WSA – World Summit Awards: e-content and creativity. Oglejte si več o tem tukaj: klik



Winners of World Summit Award announced


Multi-channel and multi-device content for savvy citizens and creative use of biometric, wireless and conventional services are the hallmarks of the stellar products which are announced as this year’s winners of the UN based World Summit Award (WSA).

Europe hosts the most of the world’s best in e-Content and Creativity – 18 winning projects. China, India, New Zealand and Singapore won 2 awards each by producing superior websites, content rich apps or creative digital content. Egypt, famous for its new media revolution, takes home one World Summit Award.

“All those winning the WSA, from Colombia to India and from Ghana to Lithuania, can be proud as they have shown that great digital contents are produced all over the world and as they have won against over 460 other competitors for this price,” states Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the World Summit Award Board of Directors.


Click here to learn about the winners in the categories ranging from e-Business and e-Science to e-Culture and e-Inclusion.

The WSA 2011 Winners will present their outstanding products and projects, network with business partners and meet other experts in the field of ICT at the WSA Winners Events in Cairo, Egypt, later this year.

Več informacij na: www.wsis-award.org


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